Design Support

Not all manufacturing solutions are created equal. What distinguishes Qualitek Engineering from a typical supplier is that we continually endeavour to integrate our design solutions into your manufacturing plant/OEM supply chain. Whether your project involves particular materials, high Estimated Annual Usage (EAU), specifications and certifications, tight tolerances, over-sized capacity requirements – or all of these and more – the team at Qualitek Engineering is here to take on your most challenging projects and assembly designs.

Qualitek Engineering stands out from the competition with our emphasis upon collaboration with customers. This approach ensures that the experience of our customers, coupled with our own, produces the optimum designs. We know that several factors affect your competitiveness, including quality, timely delivery, and price. By looking at your requirements from concept to completion, we can ensure you, our customer get the high quality products you are respected for producing. We are able to reduce production, supply chain, quality problems and other challenges.

In the design and proposal stages we use the best software available. This coupled with our extensive experience will ensure the highest quality requirements of products are met during production. As a valued supply chain partner we ensure that efficiency is optimal at all times.

Fabrication & Welding

Qualitek Engineering are strategic welding/fabrication partners for manufacturing plants and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across construction, automotive, renewables, utilities and many other industries.

Our clients; primarily modern manufacturing facilities & OEMs, rely on the support of a strategic supply chain network. This requires responsive production to meet exacting customer requirements. As an integral partner, Qualitek Engineering serves you the client with a variety of value added and manufacturing solutions. We are able to deliver complex parts, fabricated in a timely and efficient manner.

Our fabrication facility has a lifting capacity of 6.5T. Your custom fabrication projects can require the use of a number of metals, each having their own unique properties to manipulate during the welding/fabrication process. Qualitek Engineering has the deep expertise to work with a variety of metals to accommodate your specific project requirements and ensure successful outcomes.

We have the ‘in-house’ and project management capabilities to develop your ideas and produce welded, machined and painted fabrications to the very highest standard. All drawing formats can be utilised with our design teams assistance. As well as being BS EN ISO:9001:2015 accredited the company also holds BS EN 1090 Execution Class 2 accreditation.

Machining / CNC

Qualitek Engineering provide a complete CNC and traditional machining service for companies requiring top quality machined components. We have a vastly experienced and long serving team. Our clean and modern precision CNC & machining facility is set-up to handle small to medium batch runs of components and finished items for a vast range of applications and industries. These also include a diverse range of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) clients.

With much in-depth engineering experience and the correct machining technology, we are able to offer prototype, small, medium production runs of precision turned parts and machined components to customer requirements and specifications. The range of materials include, stainless steels, duplex, inconel, composites, controlled expansion alloys etc.

No matter what your material or industry application needs are we will have the know-how and capabilities needed to manufacture parts to your exact requirements.

Years of practical machining expertise in standard and exotic materials, coupled with knowledge in turning and milling challenging technical shapes, means you can have the confidence to come to us with your needs.

Qualitek Engineering offers Machining solutions for projects with tight tolerances, within 5 microns (.005mm), if required.

These capabilities span milling, boring, turning, drilling, tapping, profiling and pocketing, among other machining solutions.

Powder coating

A long established addition to Qualitek Engineering’s capabilities is a powder coating service based at our location.

Qualitek Engineering use the highest quality application equipment, powders and pre-treatments. This provides a professional powder coating service for volume and batch requirements.

We offer high quality workmanship and an extensive range of powder paint which includes both standard and non standard colours in a variety of finishes. The coatings are based on polyester resin which is cured at a high temperature, providing a superior smooth surface that is resistant to colour fading in direct sunlight.